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Ugly Duckling Presse Blog: A History of Modern Love (As Told by Constance DeJong)

Poetry Foundation | Harriet | The History & Reissue of Constance DeJong’s Modern Love

BOMB | Artists in Conversation: Constance DeJong by Jennifer Krasinksi

Paris Review | Dan Piepenbring on Modern Love

Segue Reading Series | Emmy Catedral + Constance DeJong. Curated by Rachel Valinsky and Cornelia Barber

I Wasn’t Just Saying What You Wanted To Hear… at The Alice Gallery, Curated by Molly Mac

A window has another spelling… at Underdonk. Sarada Rauch, Constance DeJong, Emmy Catedral

Day Moon, Halsey McKay Gallery, Curated by Jodie Vicenta Jacobson

SpeakChamber at BUREAU
Lauren O’Neill-Butler on SpeakChamber ARTFORUM
Claire Barliant: “Constance DeJong’s Buddha Statue” in What’s This Cat’s Story?

Twinkle (with the little neck factory)

Artist’s Talk: Wexner Center for the Arts

The Early Show

Super Vision, a production by The Builders Association

Langlois Foundation

Scry Agency, Thread Waxing Space

Speaking of the River presented by Public Art Development Trust

Fantastic Prayers
Dia Art Foundation
Fantastic Prayers, with Tony Oursler, Stephen Vitiello

EAI: Model Release, with Tony Oursler, Kim Gordon, and Karen Finley

Johan Thielemans interviews Tony Oursler and Constance Dejong

Public Art Fund: Messages to the Public: Ally

EAI: Joyride (TM), with Tony Oursler. A Western Front Video Production
in association with Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

Wild History, Compiled by Richard Prince

At Night at Art Metropole

Top Stories
#23-25 Five (with Joe Gibbons, Tama Janowitz, Richard Prince, Leslie Thornton)
Top Stories (a Printed Matter Table)

I.T.I.L.O.E. BOMB Magazine. Literature: First Proof

Satyagraha, M.K. Gandhi in South Africa, 1893-1914. Tanam Press, 1983
Satyagraha archives

Science, Franklin Furnace Archive

Modern Love and other performances, Western Front Archive

EAI: The Lucy Amarillo Stories. Courtesy of the Kitchen Archives

The Complete Works

On Joan Jonas’ Organic Honey’s Visual Telepathy, The Drama Review