Speaking of the River

Two sets of site-specific talking benches for the Thames and Hudson rivers in London and New York, commissioned by Minetta Brook (NYC) and the Public Art Trust (London). Installed: Thames River, Canary Wharf, London and Hudson River, Madame Brett Park, Beacon, NY. Audio equipped benches, infra-red sensor initiates 30-40 minutes of spoken text and sound material; 2000.

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Speaking of the River was sponsored by Canary Wharf Group and was part of a wider project commissioned by Public Art Development Trust, which linked the River Thames in London with the Hudson River in New York.De Jong created a gentle, evocative sound-scape using recorded interviews and stories that relate the human experience of both these locations, told by people for whom the river is a daily presence. Two audio benches are located 100m apart on the riverside promenade.