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May 16, 2018

Live event
Presentation of Nightwriters
a Triple Canopy digital project
published March 10, 2018

246 Canal Street, 3W
New York, NYC

with thanks to Emmy Catedral for sharing her research
and investigations over a long period of consultations.

Saturday, May 19, 2018 7:30 promptly

Modern Love reading in UDP Cellar Series

Ugly Duckling Presse
Studio #E-303 (third floor)
@ The Old American Can Factory
232 Third St. (corner of 3rd Ave, in Gowanus)
Brooklyn NY 11215


April 7 - May 6, 2018

Hours and Places
Wojciech Bąkowski, Erica Baum, Constance DeJong

Opening reception: Sunday April 8, 6 - 8 p.m.
BUREAU, 178 Norfolk St, NYC

Constance DeJong, Nightwriters 2, Chalk, ink, and inkjet print on archival paper, 2018

Constance DeJong, Green Crosley, Re-engineered radio with amplitude sensitive LEDs, 2018

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Performances and closing reception for Hours and Places:
Wojciech Bąkowski & Constance DeJong
BUREAU, 178 Norfolk St, NYC

Brooklyn Rail, May 2018
on Hours and Places by John Capetta

from April 24, 2018

Movement Research: Critical Correspondence
Amelia Bande in conversation with Constance DeJong

March 2018

Twilight Talks presents
A Conversation with artist and writer Constance DeJong

In this episode of Twilight Talks, Kevin Moore interviews artist, writer and performer Constance DeJong. She is best known for her experimental novel Modern Love and as librettist for Philip Glass's opera Satyagraha. She is also well known for her numerous collaborations with Tony Oursler, including Fantastic Prayers. DeJong has exhibited internationally at organizations such as the Dia Foundation and The Kitchen, New York, and the McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco. She is a professor of art and time-based media at Hunter College.


a Triple Canopy digital project

published March 10, 2018.
with thanks to Emmy Catedral for sharing her research and investigations over a long period of consultations.

February 16, 2018 - May 5, 2018

Stories: Philip-Lorca diCorcia & Constance DeJong
McEvoy Foundation for the Arts [link]

Stories features photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s A Storybook Life (1978-1999) and writer and performer Constance DeJong’s Radios (2015-ongoing). Through images, audio, and objects, the artists’ fragmented narratives invite viewers to become an active part of storytelling.

DiCorcia’s A Storybook Life creates a dreamland straddling documentary and staged photography through tableaus of domestic situations using friends and family as models. The work is arranged in a particular, nonlinear order, with only four complete sets in existence.

ForRadios, DeJong presents a set of vintage radios simultaneously playing intimate and disarming narratives. She says: “The speaking voice disconnected from a body can invoke intense listening, a kind of attention like no other.”

Stories is curated by Kevin Moore.

Mar 23 & Mar 24

Artists and long-time collaborators Constance DeJong and Tony Oursler return to The Kitchen to restage their performance Relatives after a hiatus of more than twenty years. Originally commissioned by the ICA Boston in 1988 and performed at The Kitchen in 1989, Relatives combines spoken text and video in a duet between a television and a performer. Two worlds of storytelling (electronic and oral) deliver a genealogy of family members who belong to a visible yet overlooked group: history’s bit players; their collective story is traced through a succession of appearances in painting, photography, the movies, television, and video games. Organized by Matthew Lyons.

Photo: © Paula Court. Constance DeJong at The Kitchen, 1989. Courtesy of the artist and Bureau.

INTERVIEW: Ephemeralism, Sequentiality, and Writing By Hand: Emma Clayton in conversation with Constance DeJong [LINK]

BOMB Magazine On a Street, December 2018 Issue

September 15 - November 15

EXHIBITION | 601 Artspace
I Can't Tell You Because I Can't Tell You

Curated by Gabriela Vainsencher
Constance DeJong, Tacita Dean, Thomas Demand, Roee Rosen, Roman Signer, Kerry Tribe, Thomas Demand, Christian Marclay

PERFORMANCE | Sunday, October 15th, 4 PM

November 6

PERFORMANCE | Belladonna Series | Abrons Art Center
Constance DeJong,Cat Tyc and Amelia Bande

October 28, 7 PM

PERFORMANCE | Artists Space
55 Walker Street
Constance DeJong, Charles Bernstein, Mariko Kondo & Yuji Agematsu

Part of programming for:
Social Surfaces, A Fundraising Exhibition
October 26-November 1
to Support Relocation of Artists Space to 80 White Street in 2018

July 22 - August 26

EXHIBITION | Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles
Constance DeJong, Sarah McMenimen & Kate Spencer Stewart

June 2017

Exhibition: LISTEN: It's a Sound Show Equinox Studios
Georgetown, Seattle
links: site | fb | ig

March 2017

Ugly Duckling Presse Blog: A History of Modern Love (As Told by Constance DeJong)
Poetry Foundation | Harriet | The History & Reissue of Constance DeJong’s Modern Love

April 2017

BOMB | Artists in Conversation: Constance DeJong by Jennifer Krasinksi
Paris Review | Dan Piepenbring on Modern Love